The world is full of secrets.

Hidden so deep inside us, they become the components of our souls. They are
immaterial, like a whiff of perfume.
Indult keeps one of these. Or, actually, a few. They carry in themselves the most
exquisite raw materials with a beautiful imprint of their origin on them, would it be
Tahiti, Madagascar or other beautiful places of the world. They also carry in them the work of master perfumers whose savoir-faire is passed down through generations.

Yes, Indult means privilege. However, this privilege does not need to be earned. The only prerequisite is a shared passion – for the finest ingredients that give life to our unique olfactory creations, and for the highest quality.
If you would not feel like sharing this secret with others and keep your fragrance
bottle to you preciously – we would totally understand. Kiss and tell? We would of
course get it, too.

Welcome, you have the Indult. Indulge in it without any guilt.