The story of Indult Paris is very inspiring, from two different highly interesting perspectives.

The first one is Mr Francis Kurkdjian’s (a world-renowned master perfumer) ownership of his first niche perfume venture in 2006. It resulted in 4 stunning scents, which are all still part of today’s Indult’s range. Francis speaks very highly of these olfactory creations to date, now being the owner of a different brand with dozens of fragrances that bear his name.

The second one is a story full of enthusiasm and passion for fragrances, which opened a new page for Indult as a player on the niche perfume market. It is the acquisition of the brand by Mr Kim Charles, a fragrance enthusiast and aficionado, and a very frequent visitor of websites such as Fragrantica and Basenotes. Mr Charles states to date that perfume forums have played a crucial role in his initiation in the field and have educated him greatly with their wealth of knowledge, ultimately becoming an essential part of his perfume journey. He even admits that without them, he would have never made this important decision. Indult for Kim Charles is the embodiment of a dream come true and a step further into the arena of fine fragrances, now as a brand owner.

“Fragrance is a scented trail, a whiff in the air, which despite being invisible, is able to enhance your experience of life, improve your perception of it, whilst making you explore different facets of your own personality, and ultimately, putting a smile on your face. I felt this way when I first sampled Manakara and knew immediately that I was completely sold on it.”

-Kim Charles

At Indult Paris, we believe in perfection to execution, as well as in a total creative freedom of perfumers. We allow talent and knowledge to lead the way, instead of limiting them with budgets and marketing briefs. We grow, evolve, and reinvent ourselves as a brand, and you will you see this from us on a regular basis.

We do not engage in mass production or mass distribution as a brand, as it contradicts our values. Instead of it, we pick our point of sales partners very carefully and produce our fragrances in small non-industrial batches. We focus on what is inside the bottle, we believe that we are here for people who are in need of a perfectly executed rare fragrance, and we provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

The word Indult, by its etymology, is a special permission, a step away from what is normally done, and even from what is normally allowed. We love to grant the Indult of experiencing fine fragrances to perfume enthusiasts and our clients looking to enlarge their olfactive horizons. The Indult is now yours, make sure to use it wisely and to never cease to explore.